Thursday, 1 November 1990

In the beginning

In 1990, Students of Modbury High were instructed to contact businesses, to organise work experience.

I organised to work for a Printing press, where I learnt about separation of prints into Red, Yellow Cyan and Blank. To demonstrate my knowledge, I was asked to take an Icon, Logo or Title of something and make it work with both this YCRB system, and an old B&W PhotoCopier.

I chose to do my 'club' name. Dungeonworld.

From there, my friends and I began a club for roleplay & boardgames.

In 1992 I was employed at the Modbury South Primary School After School Care. I was helping look after kids ages 5-12. Some, between 8-12 wanted to play board games. so I began bringing my games to the after school care. We played Heroquest, Talisman and Monopoly. more...

By the end of 1992, 12 kids wanted more, so I formed the Official Dungeonworld Club, Registered my business name, Trademarks and bought some more board games with my meagre inheritance when I turned 18.

By Christmas of 1993, I had 30+ members, we played Advanced Hero Quest, some guys came in to play D&D, Traveller, Vampire, Gurps. There seemed more interest in roleplay games than board games, I looked at many of them, over the shoulders of the other players. I gave them a go, as a player, but I always suspected there was something very wrong in what they were doing.

So Sometime in 1994, we started development on our own system. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay + Dragon Warriors + a little D&D, Some Rolemaster for good luck.

And thats how we started...