Tuesday, 15 August 2017

RPG a Day, the first 12 Answers

Saw this:

Thought I might jump on the band wagon and answer a few.

#RPGaDay the first 12 answers.

#1 I wish I was playing my OWN, PUBLISHED RPG right now.. as in, I wish DD12 were published.

#2 Oh, Yup, same, DD12, the White Book.. get it out there!

#3, Sometimes I see some kickstarters, sometimes a google+ post

#4 Original Dungeonworld, as in MY 1994 published game + DD12 my updated version

#5 None, its unique. Verbal combat? Mental combat? Stealth rules? Best answer I can give is, its like Terry Pratchett meets Game of Thrones

#6 I'm a creator, not a gamer. I'd be adding more to my world, going on adventures in it, and making it all a little better.

#7 When I realised that we don't play a set of skills or numbers, we play a character represented BY those numbers. but at the same time, those skills and numbers define our character.

#8 None, go play a board game.

#9, Mine. You can have an effect upon the world after 4 sessions, within 10, you can be the heroes of an epic tale.

#10 I don't know.

#11 Is there ever a truly dead game? if so, shouldn't it stay that way? surely there is a reason no-one is playing it anymore?

#12 I don't judge a book by its cover, or an RPG by its art. I read the rules and determine the beauty by the math, the logic and the abilities a player can blend together for awesome moments.

CastleVania, Episode #17

Unsure if I've posted previous episodes or not, but wanted to quickly add some thoughts on the matter.

CastleVania Episode #17


Unlike many RPGs, Castlevania is a convention Legacy game that I run. Each time I run it, I need to explain some basics:

"You are the next generation of heroes to be chosen by your elders, to attempt to defeat the Evil Vampire that has been pillaging your town over the last few centuries. Every 10 years the fog of undeath recoils, allowing a 24 hour window to get in, gather information and push forward to defeat the beast himself"

But, As you can see by the episode number, Its not going so well.

Each time a group manages to survive the first few rooms, the usually encounter one of the next denizens, and while their own level is usually comparable to the creature, the players experience is not.

It seems to balance itself in many ways. If a group looks like they're having trouble, I remind them, they do not need 'win' the scenario, merely gather information relevant to the next group and survive to escape. If they do so, the surviving members return and can enact several of their "survivors" bonuses, giving the next group some much needed equipment bonuses, weapon upgrades, or even a level up. As a result, a failing group will ensure the next groups enhanced chance at success.

Except for the information.

Why is it that Heroes are always so gung-ho. Why does an Indiana Jones movie have Indy, checking his books, pouring over his notes, being mentally prepared for the adventure. Yet role-players forget all that, and just throw themselves into a quest, and often get killed?

I've asked some of the Former players to write a 2 paragraph note to hand to their next of kin, anything to help them survive. They often scrawl messages on the walls as they go, and even set up "obvious" traps to keep smart players on the right track, and dumb players get killed.

But it always happens.. they ignore the notes, they ignore the information, and they throw themselves over a cliff, thinking there is an invisible path or something..

Ahh well.. everyone seems to enjoy themselves.. so that's what matters.. I may post again about it, if I hit episode 50..