Dungeon World

In Brief:

In 1994 I started my own roleplay system.

21 years later, after travelling to 30+ countries, gaming with hundreds of people, visiting hundreds of medieval events & festivals, practically travelling back in time. I have returned home to publish.

Now to clean up the rules, get some testers, finalise the artwork and print.. This blog is about that journey.

About my Game:

It started with Dragon Warriors, Added Warhammer, deleted some complex rules, added Rolemaster, deleted many complex rules, searched through Traveller, D&D, Advanced Heroquest, took a step back and decided to go outside the box.

Looked into real combat, real abilities of humans, real effects of light, temperature, travelling, and then physics.

In the end, I have something akin to real life, a highly complex, but simplified system of building upon basic traits, You only understand what you understand, until you discover that there is more, and you add that knowledge to the first, and discover more.

The Mathematics of Probability has been scaled to match the way the human brain perceives its environment, learns from it, and becomes attuned with its own skills & confidence to perform tasks.

Want to perform an action? use a skill, don't have it? use a base characteristic, or if you do, maybe another related skill will apply a bonus.

The System doesn't use different styles or rules for different parts of the game, so once you've got the hang of one aspect, you'll understand the basics of all elements

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Why am I being so vague? show me a charactersheet!

Ever looked at the motor of a car? do you need to understand it just to drive? The charactersheets for paper & pen play are a little daunting, we suggest you start with the simplified Dungeon Delvers Twelve to get the feel for the basics. once you've played a few small dungeons, and want to upgrade your teenagers, then simply apply a set of professional bonuses and your ready to go.

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