Tuesday, 15 August 2017

RPG a Day, the first 12 Answers

Saw this:

Thought I might jump on the band wagon and answer a few.

#RPGaDay the first 12 answers.

#1 I wish I was playing my OWN, PUBLISHED RPG right now.. as in, I wish DD12 were published.

#2 Oh, Yup, same, DD12, the White Book.. get it out there!

#3, Sometimes I see some kickstarters, sometimes a google+ post

#4 Original Dungeonworld, as in MY 1994 published game + DD12 my updated version

#5 None, its unique. Verbal combat? Mental combat? Stealth rules? Best answer I can give is, its like Terry Pratchett meets Game of Thrones

#6 I'm a creator, not a gamer. I'd be adding more to my world, going on adventures in it, and making it all a little better.

#7 When I realised that we don't play a set of skills or numbers, we play a character represented BY those numbers. but at the same time, those skills and numbers define our character.

#8 None, go play a board game.

#9, Mine. You can have an effect upon the world after 4 sessions, within 10, you can be the heroes of an epic tale.

#10 I don't know.

#11 Is there ever a truly dead game? if so, shouldn't it stay that way? surely there is a reason no-one is playing it anymore?

#12 I don't judge a book by its cover, or an RPG by its art. I read the rules and determine the beauty by the math, the logic and the abilities a player can blend together for awesome moments.

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