Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Topics to Discuss - Pandoras Box

I thought I might get down some Ideas that I'm keen to discuss, both in gaming general and in relation to DungeonWorld(tm). Having worked on a Dungeonworlds game engine for 20+ years, through iterations of complexity, then simplifying, then complexifying again, There are many small nuances to game development that I've studied, read about or even just played with the basic mechanics.

If anyone has some key point they'd like me to address over the next few months, feel free to add it to the List. I know many of these topics are things other gamesmasters and designers have discussed, so sometimes they'll be my own 2 cents, I like to think that pretty much every GM/Designer that decides to blog has to cover these topics to establish themselves first.. but maybe a few will be unique

In No Particular Order, I would like to discuss:

  • Encumbrance, backpacks and Lists vs Encumbrance Points.
  • Electronic Character Sheets, good or evil?
  • What to do in downtime? Why Healing Spells suck!
  • NPCs and Levelling the non-Hero
  • Hit Points, health and Falling off Cliffs
  • City Campaigns, Do Politics?
  • Weapons Hit Points.. Will your Sword break
  • Ammunition boxes or chips?
  • Time Tracking between 7 Gamesmasters & 50+ characters
  • Perception, Lighting, Smells and Intuition
  • Player Morales & Roleplay Decisions
  • Killing Everything, just in case, doesn't make me evil.. Right?
  • Mega Games & Rumours
  • Should GMs ever let players see the Monsters Manual?
  • Is an Orc Always Evil, Should a Paladin Always kill him?
  • As the world shuns violence, will roleplay games cease to exist?
  • Toilet Time, should GMs inform players, mid dungeon, that its time for no.2?
  • Initiative vs Peasant Rail Gun
  • Non Magic effect Tower Shields of Invisibility
  • Minecraft tree to Stick rules of D&D Crafting
  • Rule Zero vs Physics
I May add more to the List, I encourage others to add to the list, things that you've seen or read in other GM blogs. (or just stuff that would be fun to read about)

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