Saturday, 11 July 2015

W.A.L.L.E Pre-Movie Roleplay.. would it even be fun?

Note, this has nothing to do with the now defunct roleplay forums about the wall-e Earth, Post Movie, with the Humans recolonizing earth. More of how would the pre-movie world exist and could it even be done as a roleplay game?

Would it be fun to roleplay as a WALL-E device?

Now on my 10th+ time watching wall-e with my little one, I was thinking about the pre-movie world.

The movie opens with massive piles of Junk. Junk, Junk and more junk, and what do I see?.. all one super encounter/treasure table with players figuring out stuff to do with the junk.

Maybe its the minecrafter in me, that just wants to get into that world, make blocks out of the junk, structure it in towers, occasionally finding rarities, using them to better my 'base' upgrade my 'robot', stash or store all the spares for later use.. that sounds like fun yeah?

Like most roleplay games.. the basic structure would be 'random encounter tables' between key story points, 'acquisition of special items' as either quests or prep for quests and 'establishing a foothold on the world' to either find the best way to retire your character or achieve some super awesome event/plot point.

but would it be fun?

90% of roleplay fun is usually the players, how they take the scenario and make a story, how they interract with the world. Yet in a lifeless world of junk.. is there anything much to do?

Might be enjoyable for players who enjoy homebody heroes style roleplay, or maybe as a minecraft style roleplay game. anyone want to make it?

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