Thursday, 4 January 2018

Catch Up Posts for this Blog.. Prelude

It came to my attention that I have saved the drafts of now, over 50% of my blogs, which surprised me as I was hovering about 20% for some time.. which either means one of a few things: A blog about blogging & drafts & random thoughts

I'm being blocked in my creative process or something more..

I Often write topics that come to me, with the intention that I research the topic, fill it out, add some snappy thoughts, scrub out the crud and publish it.. as often as not I just post as I write, so its raw thoughts. I've never felt that a Blog should be a carefully crafted journalistic masterpiece. I'm no journalist, I failed English in Year 10. I have always read a blog as a person, writing their thoughts, into a website that in hope, people will read. Nothing more.

So when I write, I sometimes I ask myself.. would I want to read about this?

And too I ask.. Do I want someone to read this?

I stop for a few normal reasons,.. I have to confirm what I've written is legit.. if I'm going to quote from a rulebook, instead of using my memory, I'll check that I was right. Sometimes, my memory of an event is different than the reality.. this might become its own blog.. why would I remember that D&D fall damage is 1d20 per 10 foot? but often as not, if this is the hinge of that blog post.. and its wrong.. then its not a blog post...

So I have a few dead ends..

I might stop because I think there is more research to be done on the topic, maybe I want my point to come across as more solid, by quoting others that have said the same thing or have similar points, but research takes time, if I get bogged down with life, I might forget to come back to a topic.. and if I have a few other thoughts pop into my head before I finish..then it drifts to page two of my blog posts.. and I forget that its there..

So I have a few open thoughts...

There are posts that I start, then the media posts the same thing.. so I ask myself.. is it important for me to talk about something to bring up my 2 cents, if my 2 cents are the same two cents as someone else? this is one of those.. Hmm, moments.. Maybe the reader won't read that other post, vs maybe the reader will say.. I already read this, and the post was a week earlier than mine.. is that just a rehash of the same thoughts? I would personally not want to read a rehash, and it might cause negative thoughts for me (and therefore my readers) if I posted it, so I will avoid it...

So, there are a couple of blog vomits

And there are posts that I start, and then ask myself, am I blogging or am I ranting? These ones have topics that have riled me up, but during the process of writing, I've become more angry, not less, and I look back over the words and say, I think I have a topic, but its buried under all the bile, that I don't want people to read this.

So there are some bubbling volcanoes

But the Ones that have started to worry me more, are the ones where I poke at the beast, the SJW territory, the area of the net that, if they even read THIS post, I fear that some repercussions might come at me..

Then I read this: Unhappy DM blog and thought.. Hmm, well maybe, just maybe, those topics are not so taboo anymore..

Anyway.. my time to post has been reduced with life, so I thought why don't I just grab those posts, clean them up, add to them and post them.. with the Caveat, that I pre-warn people that what they're about to read might be outdated or trigger happy, and I could save alot of time except maybe the research titles)

Blogging allows you to 'put the date' back in time, which I considered, but this also messes with the timeline, so that people won't see them as new posts.. and they'll largely go unnoticed.. which might be a good thing?

Any thoughts?

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