Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ill Gotten Gains

Something that my players may or may not be aware of, but most likely should be at some point, is the idea that you are watched..

maybe not always,

maybe not specifically,

but if you notice your neighbours, a new car, new paint on the house, doing up the garden, maybe some expensive looking things, coming and going.. fridges, washing machines.. you cast your mind back to before it all happened, and they were having some big party, late into the night..

could it not be likely, they just won the lottery?

So, in a medi-eval town, where no television or radio exists, and the most common entertainment would be gossip. Everyone is watching, and talking and comparing notes..


They watch, they talk, they whisper.. and word gets around.. who lives where, what do you think they do, what have you seen them doing, do they display means of wealth or are they poor as dirt, do they have manners, or are they drunkards (or both)

So, if you lived in a medieval city, and you acquired a few thousand gold, even without spending.. the sheer joy and fear of having that much, would surely be noticed...

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