Sunday, 28 December 2014

Good Game Design in 2014

This is more of a set of notes, than a post, at some point in the future I'll come back to this and re-write it after contributions from readers in the comments section.

Meta Game is very important in modern game design, the game above the game, upgrades between levels. One aspect I like, is the idea of your success % relating directly to your upgrades. some games use the 3 stars as upgrade currency, you can probably pass the first 2-5 levels with 1 star, but to get 3 stars needs skill. The upgrades cost stars, so the better you do in each level, the better you can do.

Meta game spoiling the game. Like Pay to Win, I'm not keen on games using the meta game as a requirement to win the game. There is a fine line here.. and I will need to rethink this though on the difference between meta game, and game mechanics.. but in essence, I belong to the school to thought that the game should be fun & playable, & winable without the meta game.. but as though its on hardest difficulty. only the best of the best can do so. the meta makes the game easier so its more casual.. but when the game is impossible unless you buy $1.99 worth of purple crystal, or you 'churn' level 14 over and over to earn purple crystal.. this is just bad game design.

And Yet, this seems to be the prevalent style of game design right now.. churn your players into quitters or payers (and the rarer 'must win without giving you one red cent' gamer - like me)

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