Wednesday, 18 February 2015

IDEA Hash Tag Twitch Interactions

The concept is simple, you play a game live, and the viewers can 'affect' your game by hash-tagging the game with codes that affect the player/world/something.

Imagine, you play minecraft, and the 'gods' are watching.. they can 'give' you benefits.. or 'curse' you with problems..

The curses should have final benefits.. i.e. if you defeat the curse, you get boosts.

How about if the game is all about the stream.. The HERO of the story is exactly that.. if you want your hero to survive, you #heal them.. or #bless them..

but if you'd rather the creatures, then you #curse the hero.. or #manevolent the monsters..

There would need to be a cooldown, maybe if IP incoming #hash somehow allows the system to know that twitter user #780 has used their power today.. or this hour/minute...

Maybe even 'build up' the power.. #savemypower, gives you a 10% boost to your next ability, if you use it within 1 hour.. allows a max 60% boost if someone decides to max it out.. 

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